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To order a Haas Commercial Door we require a 30% non-refundable security deposit. After the door order is place, it take 2-4 weeks to receive the door. Once the door is received, a customer service representative will call you can set up a garage door installation day and time.

After you have used the HaasCreate Visualizer to create your dream garage door,  all you have to do is contact a Garage Garage Door Customer Service Representative at 678-858-2883 and provide them with the door model number, door color, and size of your door.  You can also fill out the contact form below. Once we receive your call, we will prepare a price quote for you.  Once the price quote is prepared, we will call and email you with the quote and order information. To order a special Haas Door, we require a 30% non-refundable security deposit. After the door order is placed, it will take 2-4 weeks for you to receive your new door. Once the door is received, a customer service representative will call you to set up a garage door installation appointment. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you find the perfect Haas Garage Door for your home.

We proudly sell, service, and install the Haas brand of Residential and Commercial Garage Doors at Georgia Garage Doors. Haas is a family-owned company that manufactures Garage Doors in the USA. Haas Door Company offers a large selection of doors available in several different colors, panel styles, and windows. All Haas Doors come with a lifetime warranty, are made of corrosion-resistant metal, and come with a heavy vinyl bottom seal. To provide supreme insulation, each Haas door is injected with a CFC-Free polyurethane. All these features make Haas doors superior and long- lasting garage doors. 


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​COmmerical Garage Doors Installation

For residential homes, we carry in stock a wide selection of Haas door sizes in white and almond. We can also special order a door in a variety of different colors and sizes. To find and create a perfect door for your home, click on the HaasCreate button below! Using the HaasCreate Visualizers, you will be able to upload a picture of your home and outline the location of your existing garage door. Then you will be able to create your new garage door, with every option in Haas Door's collection at your fingertips!

Haas Commercial Doors have a variety of insulated section thicknesses and insulation types. With several choices of panel treatment styles make Insulated Haas Doors the perfect solution where the retention of heated or cooled air and quiet/smooth operation is required. Sections are available with steel or when superior corrosion resistance is a factor, aluminum skin sections are also available. The perfect door for factories, warehouses, cold storage facilities, terminals, hangers, piers, garages, etc. Insulated Haas Doors provide thermal efficiency with high quality, strength and performance.

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​Residential Garage Doors Installation

​ Haas COMMERCIAL Garage Doors 


Haas Garage door Dealer

At Garage Garage Door we offer garage door repair and installation, garage door opener installation service, and garage door replacement service. We install Commercial Garage Doors for businesses, warehouses, factories, cold storage facilities, terminals, hangers, piers, and garages. We also offer garage door repair and installation, garage door opener installation service, and garage door replacement service for  Are experienced, well-trained and certified garage door technicians install steel roll-up and sectional Commercial Garage Doors. We  purchase most of our Commercial Garage Door locally from DBCI, Wayne Dalton, and Door Link. For speciality Commercial Garage Doors we order from Haas Door Company.