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​​​Garage Door Repair for Senoia, GA

Our licensed team of highly qualified technicians in and around Senoia will provide you with the highest quality of garage door services. If you live in Senoia and need a garage door service, please contact one of our customer service representatives at

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Have a garage door with a broken spring, and can't get your car out of your garage? Give  Georgia Garage Doors a call! Our garage technicians are experts at replacing broken springs, and any other ailments your garage may have! 

Typically when one spring breaks, the other one tends to follow suit soon after. To save our customers time and money, we recommend that both garage door springs are replaced.

We also offer many other garage door services for Residential homes and Commercial Businesses to our customers in Senoia, Georgia. Those services include: garage door opener installation service, garage door replacement service. Garage door repair and installation of roller, drum, cable, brackets, end bearing plate, center bearing plate, brackets, and hinge repair/replacement. We also replace broken springs, garage door sections, and garage door openers- as well as installing garage doors and garage door openers