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​Commercial Garage door repair & Service

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At Georgia Garage Doors, we have well-trained expert commercial garage door technicians.  We have over 20 years of combined experience serving, repairing, and installing commercial-grade doors. Our technicians can service a variety of commercial doors including: sectional garage doors, commercial rolling doors, commercial fire doors, commercial traffic doors, and commercial loading dock doors. When servicing a commercial garage door, our technicians check that all the moving components are working properly. Our technicians inspect each roller to ensure that they are lubricated properly. They also make sure that all of the hinges are intact and not cracked and check the balance and alignment of the door to make sure it is not too heavy. If the commercial door is too heavy, it can damage the commercial operator due to the strain of the weight, and if the springs are overloaded with tension, it can cause damage to the door or operator. At every job, our technicians strive for safety and security- always making sure the job is done correctly and efficiently.